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Thank you for attending WASWUG 2015! You will be able to purchase your clock hours on May 10. The survey remains open until April 30.


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“Great job! To me what sets this conference apart is the great balance between learning, networking, and FUN. The games, songs, skits, etc. really break up the heavy stuff and make it easier to make it through the whole conference without feeling like my brain has turned to goo… laughing with friends and co-workers is awesome.”

“2014 was my 2nd WASWUG. I have been with my district for 13 years, but only 2 as an office secretary. I feel so blessed to have been able to attend such an informative and fun conference. I learned bits and pieces my first year, but this year after being in my position for a full year+ and then coming back, it was like all the light bulbs went on and I just was so excited to learn what I did and to know that now I can help my school, principal, counselor and my students with the knowledge I learned as well as all of the information I picked up from networking with not only staff from my district but from so many other districts. It truly was my pleasure to be a part of this wonderful festival of information and passion for making our districts better, not only once, but twice. I hope to come back next year and in years to come to be a better secretary for our staff and our students.”

“I felt that this year’s WASWUG was the best yet. The sessions were very informative. Everything just seemed to go smoother. I learned so much and came away with great ideas. Thank you so much for a job well done.”

“I hope to return again next year. I learn more each year and feel I do a better job in my position.”

“I had not been to WASWUG in many years because the last time I went felt it was not worth the expense. My view has completely changed after attending this Conference. Everything was just fabulous and I learned so much. WASWUG, was so great and I look forward to attending again and encouraging our staff to also attend.”

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